How to reach Delft city?

The biggest airport in the Netherlands is Schiphol (IATA code: AMS); it takes about 50 minutes by train from Schipol station to Delft Station. The airport of Rotterdam (IATA code RTM) is also a possibility; it is very close to Delft but with no direct train connections.

1. From the Schiphol airport (AMS):

TRAIN: There is a direct train every 30 minutes to Delft from the Schiphol Airport. One-way train tickets cost €9.80 (€16.70 for first class). Schiphol railway station can be entered in the main hall of the airport. After clearing customs, you have to go through two rows of shops to get to the main hall. Depending on the train you take to Delft, you will need to go to track 5 or 6. There are ticket windows in the main hall on the side of track 1. Machines accept credit and debit card, but preference for cash (coins). Alternatively, you can use the yellow ticket machines in the baggage claim area or the main hall, which (only at Schiphol Airport) take credit cards. The train schedule can be found at

Beware: Please, go to Delft (Central Station), do not take the train to Delft-Zuid. Also, please, don't take the "Fyra". This train is not so faster as the regular, bacause goes via Rotterdam. We strongly suggest taking the regular trains from Schiphol airport to Delft.

TAXIS AMS to Delft: A taxi from Schiphol (AMS) to Delft will cost anywhere between € 79,00 and € 95,00 (prices vary, and these are approximate prices). You can book a taxi with the Schiphol Travel Taxi service.

2. From the Rotterdam Airport (RTM):

TAXIS: Less cheap, but the most convenient and easy way to reach Delft. We strongly recommend this option if You are flying via ROT. The fare would be around € 25,00 and normally the taxis accept credit and debit card, but preference for payment in cash. The telephone number to call a taxi is +31 (0)102 620 406.

BUSES AND TRAINS: If you prefer to travel to Delft by public transportion, you will first need to take bus #33 to Rotterdam Central Station, which takes about 20 minutes. From there, you can take a direct train to Delft. The trains from Rotterdam station to Delft run every 15 minutes. See also the website of the RET (local Rotterdam transportation, in Dutch) and Dutch Rail (NS).



If you plan to come to Delft by car we advise you to have a look at a website such as Mappy to help you plan your route.

1. Parking your car in Delft

Delft is a small and historical city. Some places cannot receive cars and there is no parking places. We strongly suggest to use the official car parks, such as the one in Zuidpoort (see parkingdelft), just a few minutes from the old city center and the central station. The rates are €2.00 per hour and €12.00 per day. The parking fee has to be paid when you collect your car.

2. Parking at TU Delft

The parking spaces in the streets of Delft are clearly marked. Find a parking metre and get a ticket after parking your car. The cheapest option is to park your car in the University area. You might have to search for a space, but since the University is outside the city center, parking there is free.